This project is about women, their houses and life stories. It will create a dialogue between women located in margins through their  geographic, physical or personal life choice or position. It will be composed of an installation of photographs to create a dialogue between  women’s homes and houses in the arctic region of northern Finland, that illustrate both the beauty of everyday life, safety and festivity that women construct and create in their safe spaces as well as the extreme of the positioning in the margins. This safe space allows them not only to extend their care to others, but also to celebrate their strength and ability to discover new resources.

Installation will illustrate the space where the women share their stories around coping with life and the continuity of what often seems to be mundane, everyday tasks. The narratives will reveal that these spaces women create to function as ‘home’ are rather power houses that generate new innovation, entrepreneurship and heroism also outside the family sphere. Women’s houses illustrate the structures that enable these achievements and everyday coping.

Satu Miettinen

Satu Miettinen is the Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland where she also works as Professor of Service Design.

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