Walk with Women – Walk in Your own Space

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In Scandinavia many women share their ‘business’ while walking as a caring act for body and mind. Walking together creates an intimate space for sharing and caring amongst women, men, couples, boys and girls. Here a culture of walking exists. Walking in or through landscapes has been a nurturing and aesthetic activity for centuries due to the empowering and fulfilling feelings people experience through the physical in extreme Arctic environments.

Walking is also an act of freedom. Here in the arctic you are safe to walk alone in many spaces, also those that are shared with reindeer. The pleasant physical act of walking together during polar night, enveloped in extreme coldness, kept us warm through shared feelings of togetherness. Yet, it is not always safe to walk in all the spaces and landscapes. Sometimes, someone can invade your personal space. Sometimes you need to be alert, stripped from the comfort of enjoying a walk.

Walking and gazing in landscapes has become a self-documented and shared act in digital spaces like @instragram or @facebook. We invite women to perform the act of walking either alone in solitude, or together as an everyday act. We ask women to document and share their walking for the project through different means, including selfies, videos, photography or blogs. A performative walk, with the aim to empower and reclaim the right to enjoy safety and freedom while walking, will shape an additional process of the exhibition.

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