Flexible Identities Lost in Katutura




Flexible Identities Workshop in Katutura College of Arts, Windhoek, Namibia,

Workshops consisted of several days co-writing and filming the scenes where young people tested their identities, and challenged our perceptions. Vincent, for example, that stars the film loaned the car and the clothes from Joe, to be able to test the identity of a rich white kid.

Lost in Katutura was part of official WDC Design Capital program in Helsinki, and preceeded the development of Hero Game in MY DREAM WORLD projects and the workshops in Official Program of WDC Cape Town.




I´M SWEDISH, I cannot eat brown bread


Preceeding Lost In Katutura were the workshops Testing the Identities 1,

in Windhoek, year before Lost in Katutura.

Days of testing the identities workshop with youth from Katutura.

We co-wrote and acted several scenes of identities with simple tools like white wig and coca cola. For example how it feels to come to restaurant and not get served, and how white princess wig changes all. This is and excerpt of the last debate.



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